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Are you thinking about moving to the cloud?

We help organisations by providing them with the tools and services for empowerment on the cloud.

Why Make the Move?

Just some of the reasons a cloud based solution can positively impact your business.

  • Less overhead, only pay for what you use.
  • Scale on demand and only use resources you require.
  • No upfront overhead for IT infrastructure.
  • Tailored security features and backup implementation.
  • Economy of scale.
  • More affordable distribution.
  • Select from PaaS, Saas and Iaas solutions.
  • Greater level of control over technological modules.
  • Adapt your cloud solution to your business model.
  • Faster adaption to market shifts and changes.
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How Does it Work?

There are multiple layers of cloud computing that can be used to meet specific business requirements. Generally, they work on a pay-as-you-go or fixed cost model giving you the flexibility to decide what best suits you.

Infrastructure as a Service - IaaS

Infrastructure as a Service allows you to create cloud based infrastructure for economy of scale. The basic elements of IaaS are virtual servers and storage within a configured data centre.

Platform as a Service - PaaS

Platform as a Service helps businesses develop, run and manage applications through pre-developed tools and services, which would generally require the manual building and maintenance of infrastructure.

Software as a Service - SaaS

Software as a service is a software licencing and delivery method/model in which licences and subscriptions are delegated to the end user over a set amount of time. The software is generally developed and centrally hosted for a larger audience.

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Our Services

Our services are built on the foundation of years of experience and strategic technical partnerships.

  • Migration of existing applications to cloud based infrastructure.
  • Cloud Strategy and consulting.
  • Support and maintenance.
  • Monitoring activity services.
  • Long and short term strategic planning.
  • Integration and delivery.
  • Project planning and risk management.
  • Infrastructure requirements gathering.
  • Project scoping and pricing.
  • Building applications on the cloud (SaaS).
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The Future is Cloud

We are committed to empowering our customers by giving them the tools and knowledge for successful cloud outcomes in all business sizes.

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Some of Our Cloud Based Features, Functions & Tools

With all of the pre-developed tools and capabilities, its hard not to consider a cloud based solution.

Virtual Machines

Windows and Linux virtual machines setup and ready to go in minutes.

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App Services

Manage and develop web and mobile apps for any platform & device.

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Scale up and down Database-as-a-service for full application potential.

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Scale up and down with highly available and scalable cloud storage.

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Cloud Services

Cloud applications and API’s with the ability to scale as business grows.

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Virtual Network

Provision private networks, and connect to on-premises datacenters optionally.

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API Management

Publish API’s to all groups including developers, clients, and partners securely.

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Load Balancing

Enable your applications to be highly available with strong network performance.

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Insight & Analytics

Gain great insight through analytics and take your business in the right direction.

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