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Floating Triangle

An internal portal for the GMHBA community

The thinking

GMHBA approached Reetek to develop a CMS (Content Management System) Web Portal developed in Umbraco 7.0 called Healthy Plus Us to bring health and wellbeing awareness along with other programs to the GMHBA staff community. The portal would be an interactive portal where GMHBA staff could be informed of new and exciting events taking place, available programs, and promotional lifestyle content for mind, body, culture and space.

Healthy Plus Us is a multi-device, cross browser platform, that provides support to their staff by providing awareness for lifestyle improvements which would boost company moral and overall happiness of staff.

GMHBA Project Teaser

Development approach

We used AGILE which is a time boxed, iterative approach to the software delivery and development that would help the software engineers build the solution incrementally with a large amount of flexibility and customer involvement throughout the evolution of the product.

What we did

  • Requirements analysis
  • UI/UX design
  • Graphic Design
  • Umbraco Implementation
  • System architecture
  • Project management
  • Documentation
  • Training

Core Benefits

  • Internal business portal allowing national information distribution.
  • Content management on all pages.
  • Structural management and adaptation through Umbraco content management system.
  • Sharing of national GMHBA bulletin.
  • Connecting the community through health strategies, cooking, and overall wellbeing.