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Software & CMS Maintenance

Software maintenance and support is just as important as the software development lifecycle itself. Software maintenance is the progression and adaptation of software applications upon project release. All applications need some form of software maintenance in order to keep the application relevant in a forever changing technological landscape.

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Reasons for software maintenance & support

Organisation Changes - Organisational changes are one of the most common instigators for on-going support and maintenance to business software. As businesses requirements change, so should the software. Adaptation should be constant and on-going to support new operational goals.

Customer Requirements - Software should be maintained based on new and on-going customer requirements. A healthy backlog of tasks is essential for the evolution of the software.

Architectural Maintenance - Software is built utilising an architecture suited to the business requirements. Architectural maintenance is the process of continually improving the foundation on which the software is built on. This is significant because it ensures the longevity of the software.

Market Conditions - Changes triggered based on state or country laws and policies such as the introduction of new taxation systems or changes in law is a good example of the need for continuous maintenance and support.

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What type of maintenance do we provide?

Different scenarios dictate different types of maintenance initiatives. We have the capacity to cater to all types of software maintenance and support goals.

Corrective Maintenance - These include modifications or adaptions needed to correct or fix problems that may arise with your project. These maintenance tasks are usually discovered by the product owner, end user, or user error reports.

Adaptive Maintenance - This includes maintenance modifications used to keep your project up to date and provide longevity on the technological landscape. Most adaptive maintenance tasks would be executed on an architectural level.

Perfective Maintenance - Perfective maintenance includes the development of new features and requirements in order to refine your project.

Preventive Maintenance - This includes modification and adaptation to prevent issues from repeating or new issues arising.

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