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  • How can Reetek help with my project?

    Our obligation to you, our customer, is to deliver easy to use, high quality, customised internet based software solutions at competitive prices. Furthermore, you can always count on us to deliver software development solutions that add value to your business, on-time and on-budget, just have a look at our project cases.

  • How much experience do Reetek have?

    Some of our development staff have over 20 years of experience which means you are in good hands.

  • How does Reetek approach client problems?

    We take time to really understand what your organisation needs and expects. Our team leaders conduct one-on-one, and group interviews to collect your requirements over a 2 to 4 week period. We then formulate a proposal with detailed scoping of the project along with timeframes and cost.

  • What software development methods do Reetek use?

    We mostly use the agile development methodology. The reason we are agile is because agile has proven to be the best methodology when creating software applications. Agile allows the constant evolution of your application and the flexibility to change project direction as business requirements change, this is especially helpful for long term projects that exceed 12 months. Agile promotes early delivery, continuous improvement, scalability, and a fast response to change.

  • How do I know if Reetek will do a good job?

    You don't. But we have handpicked the best developers from across the state to create highly skilled and functional teams. We have also executed on many projects successfully for some of Australia's most recognised brands. If you are still not convinced, we are happy to put you in touch with some of our clients.

  • What size businesses do we work with?

    Reetek provide services primarily to medium and large business. But...if you are a startup with a great idea, we can provide some technical assistance/funding and/or incubate your business till it grows its wings.

  • What can i expect after I send an enquiry to Reetek?

    We will start with a free, no obligations consultation where we will get a high level understanding of your requirements. We will then follow up with estimates and proposal which will give you an overview of the entire development process.

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