Why Do I Need Software?

Why Do I Need Software?

Why do I need custom software?

Generally, when you start a business, you tend to take the punches as they come. What this means is that once you start to see growth within your business, you tend to go for software options that are available to you at the time that are affordable and will complete certain operations, the last thing you want to do is overspend. Once your business see’s further growth, you end up using bits and pieces from different software providers accomplishing different results, the problem with this is that you will have different data segments on different systems which makes it very difficult for you to operate as a business and this could potentially hurt you. If we also add in the excel spreadsheets you use to track certain data, it can become a nightmare. Introducing to you – Custom Software.

Custom Software

Custom software is engineered from ground up and is built around your business. Generally the most important part of custom software is the data model. The data model is the database structure that will hold all of your data in one central location. Most systems will include basic functionality like create new, edit and delete data but when it comes to the business intelligence, that is where software becomes complex, but if you hire an organisation who has loads of experience, your software really becomes the wind beneath your wings and not the thorn in your side. It is very easy to make the mistake of going for cheaper custom software but it comes at the cost of your business.

The Verdict?

If you care about your business, you should really seek a team who know what they are doing. A good indicator of a good team is they think before they talk. Custom Software has so many components and is so complex that there is no possible way that you can get all of the answers on the spot. Generally Custom Software will range from $50,000.00 - $150,000.00 for a small to medium sized business, and anywhere from $250,000.00+ for larger organisations. Don’t be fooled by the $7,000.00 price tag, there is no rational explanation for that price, and most likely you will get 7% of what you really needed.


We find that too many internet based applications don't have the right security measures and leave themselves exposed to having sensitive information hijacked or compromised. This is especially important for organisations that deal with sensitive transaction. Encryption and SSL is an essential part of a successful application because it allows you to perform safe transactions over the internet.
Do you need to go to your office to complete work? Does your software live inside your building? We would like to take this opportunity to let you know that we can change all of that. The great thing about technology these days is that we can have remote access to our much needed software and business tools. We can move your business solution on the internet/cloud to allow you to work from anywhere. The great thing about technology and the internet is it does not sleep. If you like the idea of being able to work anywhere, anytime, then this is definitely a great investment. We build our clients confidence by explaining how the cloud can be safely used.
Your business solution will be able to be used on all devices. You will be able to perform business activities at the convenience of your own mobile device, tablet or laptop, and because your software is internet/cloud based you will be able to work from anywhere in the world. Convenient? We think so! Our business solutions are second to none, we understand technology and our experts have been helping to create solutions for years. Our experience is that a fine software is made using correct and accurate programming architectures and programming patterns. We take into account future scenarios and make it extremely simple and cheap to later on be able to maintain your software.


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