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What Is Custom Software?

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When we talk about Custom Software we generally refer to software that is built around your business where you can organise your data for easy access. But, Custom Software can be a lot broader than that. Yes, you store your data somewhere in the cloud and access it however you like but you can also achieve some incredible things like business intelligence, improved sales based on performance, enable notifications so that the business software thinks for you. There really is no limitation these days. With the technological revolution of the smart phone and tablet, it is now even easier to do business operations on your hand held device.

How Much Does Custom Software Cost?

Developing Custom Software is a journey that both the software provider, and the organisation acquiring the software, take together to achieve a particular outcome usually related to increased efficiency and revenue. Custom Software Development is complex and requires specialists. When it comes to prices managers and developers usually sit down and break the whole project up into little pieces, then they give estimates on how long each task will take, usually calculated in hours. This total is then multiplied by the hourly rate the organisation charge. It is very farfetched that a professional software organisation will charge low range figures for sophisticated software. Generally, costs start at $50,000.00 - $150,000.00 for base functionality and $150,000.00 - $500,000.00 for a complex business solution. In that being said, it is possible for that price to go higher depending on how much work is involved.

The Verdict?

Custom Software Development should be considered once you have too many distractions in your business and even minor tasks are taking too long. Custom Software Development should also be considered when you have multiple systems and you are finding yourself logging into 3 systems at a time to collect data.


We find that too many internet based applications don't have the right security measures and leave themselves exposed to having sensitive information hijacked or compromised. This is especially important for organisations that deal with sensitive transaction. Encryption and SSL is an essential part of a successful application because it allows you to perform safe transactions over the internet.
Do you need to go to your office to complete work? Does your software live inside your building? We would like to take this opportunity to let you know that we can change all of that. The great thing about technology these days is that we can have remote access to our much needed software and business tools. We can move your business solution on the internet/cloud to allow you to work from anywhere. The great thing about technology and the internet is it does not sleep. If you like the idea of being able to work anywhere, anytime, then this is definitely a great investment. We build our clients confidence by explaining how the cloud can be safely used.
Your business solution will be able to be used on all devices. You will be able to perform business activities at the convenience of your own mobile device, tablet or laptop, and because your software is internet/cloud based you will be able to work from anywhere in the world. Convenient? We think so! Our business solutions are second to none, we understand technology and our experts have been helping to create solutions for years. Our experience is that a fine software is made using correct and accurate programming architectures and programming patterns. We take into account future scenarios and make it extremely simple and cheap to later on be able to maintain your software.

We Are Experienced

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