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Custom Web Applications

Providing our clients with the right skill sets for successful custom web based outcomes and digitalisation.

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Custom Web Application Development

Web and website development are integral to the progression of people and societies. Through the web we are able to connect people from different countries and make communication instantaneous. If you are asking how can a website, web portal or web technology improve my business? You have come to the right place. Here at Reetek we are Web Development specialists primarily focusing on .NET and Oracle Apex 5 technologies. We have seen exponential growth in the adoption of web technology in businesses over the last decade and we have developed some great technology for clients. The simplest advantages are being able to use your web based business software anywhere, anytime. You can also work collaboratively from different parts of the world on the same project, and last but not least, management can have a detailed bird’s eye view of the different departments and performance of the business. So if you feel like you can be doing better, give us a call or send an enquiry to start a conversation on how we can help build a web based software to improve business efficiency.

Custom Web Design

.NET is one of the most popular development frameworks in Australia for Web Development. At Reetek we have developers who are experienced in all of the versions of the .NET framework, all the way up to the latest release. It is very important for your IT service provider to understand these technologies because that is what will make or break your application. Anyone can create a software project but where we excel, is the architectures we use are stable enough to cater to banking institutions, meaning that you will have a truly unique and secure software. We follow all of the latest architectures and methodologies to make your software last for at least 5-8 years before we need to make any architectural changes.

Custom Website Development

Have you thought about a web based portal for your business? Do you currently rely on excel spreadsheets and hard copy documentation? Maybe you need a web based portal that will do all of the work for you via the click of a button. We have found that most businesses don’t have the right business tools in place to allow them work without wasting time. As your business progresses, it is essential that you adopt technology in order to manage your data and operations. The reason being is that it will become so difficult to manage your business that you will eventually find yourself working 24/7. You don’t want to do that and neither do we. We can develop a simple yet powerful web based business system to manage your data and deliver the results you need. Give us a call or send us an enquiry to find out more.

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