Software Maintenance & Support

Software Maintenance

Software maintencance & support is regarded as of the most important aspects of the software development development lifecycle (SDLF). Software maintenance is the progression and adaptation of software packages after they have been developed. All applications need some form of software maintenance in order to keep the software relevant in a forever changing technological landscape.

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Maintenance for your .NET applications managed by one of the Reetek team's. Reetek's dedicated resources will manage all types of .NET applications across different frameworks and technologies helping you achieve your business goals. Enquire now and find out how you can get a Reetek team helping your organisation.
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Oracle software maintenance and integration is done here right at Reetek. With our skilled senior solutions architects and developers, we are looking to migrate old Oracle forms solutions to web based Oracle Apex 5.0
We maintain and support JAVA applications built on most frameworks. Our team of specialists can point your organisation in the right direction, while providing easy to manage development services. Speak to a JAVA specialist today!
Reetek PHP developers are some of the most experienced in Melbourne. We handle all scale projects for both SME’s and large organisations, delivering excellence in software development, database, infrastructure solutions, and UI/UX strategies. Contact us to find out more.

Reasons for Software Maintenance & Support

  • Organisation Changes - If there are reasons for organisational changes, most likely there will need to be changes made to internal business software for business management and operations. This is the most common form of maintenance.
  • Client Requirements - Based on new requirements of functionality customers may ask for. These are the most common forms of maintenance.
  • Architectural Maintenance - Architectural maintenance is the maintenance of the software architecture. This is significant because it ensures the longevity of the software.
  • Market Conditions - Changes triggered based on state or country laws and policies such as the introduction of new taxation systems or changes in law trigger software maintenance to make existing software compliant.
  • Host Modifications - Changes to the hosting of the software application also falls under maintenance. The most common trend we see today is the migration of software applications and databases to the cloud.

Types of Software Maintenance

Different scenarios dictate different types of software maintenance initiatives. Reetek as an organisation have the capacity to cater to all types of business maintenance goals revolving around software. Below are some of the software maintenance characteristics:

  • Corrective Maintenance - These include modifications or adaptions needed in order to correct or fix problems that may arise with the software. These maintenance tasks are usually discovered by the product owner, end user, or user error reports.
  • Adaptive Maintenance - This included maintenance modifications used to keep the software up to date and provide longevity in an ever changing technological landscape.
  • Perfective Maintenance - This includes modifications and updates in order to make the software sustainable over a long period of time. Perfective maintenance includes the development of new features and requirements in order to refine the software.
  • Preventive Maintenance - This includes the modification and adaptation to prevent previous issues arising again, and the anticipation of any future issues arising.

Retainer Packages

A package for SME’s to handle any software endeavour they might encounter. SME’s can rent a certain amount of hours per month to maintain and assist in the progression of their desired technology journey, mostly relevant to software.

Get an unlimited amount of resources and hours to work on any software project you may have running. Reetek also have the capacity to cater to the complete outsource of IT for Large Organisations.

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