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Oracle Apex 5.0 Development

Oracle Apex 5 is a rather newly released technology. It is primarily used for internet based software but with a twist. Oracle Apex 5 allows you to utilise the robustness and the power of an Oracle Database, while also having access to some great software features that can be used in any internet based application. Oracle Apex 5 has really made a name for itself on the market because of its flexibility and security. Reetek are one of the first organisations in Australia to develop software for businesses using Oracle Apex 5. Developing custom software in Oracle Apex 5 is new but is already being adopted by some major corporations who are looking to stick to Oracle but need to evolve their business to be online. If you are interested in Oracle apex please contact us to find out more.

Oracle Apex 5

Reetek's Oracle Apex Developers are second to none and work great with other teams. Hire a Reetek Developer.


Reetek's Oracle Developers have worked for many large scale Australian organisations, bringing A+ Quality coding experience.

Oracle Technology

Reetek use Oracle platforms to help create software technology, which is then coupled into your business.

Increase Performance

Increase the rate of software development within your organisation through the experience of Reetek's methodologies and practices.

Move from Oracle Forms to Apex 5

Are you using software that is built in Oracle Forms? Mostly utilised by large corporations, Oracle Forms are now becoming deprecated due to the newly released Oracle Apex 5. Oracle Forms have been in motion for quite some time now but from 2012, Oracle Forms have begun to take the back seat and are stepping aside for the internet based technology Oracle Apex 5. If your organisation is using Oracle Forms, give us a call and we will show you how your business can get the most out of Oracle Apex 5.

Oracle apex tablet

Oracle Databases

Does your business need a database that can stand the test of time? Is your business running records in the tens of millions? Have you considered an Oracle database? Your business needs technology that will grow with your business, especially when it comes to data and data mining. We are proudly Oracle certified and provide businesses with the data models they need. It is every important that your integral data is stored in a safe database that has the capabilities to pull millions of records in a couple of seconds. If this sounds like you, give us a call or send us an enquiry.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is simple, we want to give businesses a competitive advantage by providing databases and database structure that gives your business the flexibility to scale and grow in a controlled way. If this sounds like you, give us a call or send us an enquiry. We look forward to speaking to you!

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We Are Experts

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20 Years of Experience

Speak to us! We can supply highly experienced developers to look at your architecture, help debug large scale issues or help build new applications. Our developers are handpicked and second to none. Our team of IT gurus will help you with any software requirement and give you the real-world insights to what you really need. Our obligation to you, our customer, is to deliver easy to use, high quality, customised internet based software solutions.

Discover why so many organisations are choosing Reetek. Our principles are Professionalism, Team Work, Experience and Knowledge. Some of our developers have over 20+ years of experience and no job is too big or small.

Make sure your business is ticking all of the boxes when it comes to data stability and integrity. Make the change to an oracle database by contacting us and getting all of the information you need.

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