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Reetek colaborate as a team to achieve market leading Cloud CRM solution

Ben Smolinsky | March 18, 2015

Reetek's specialist came together to deliver one of the most functional, intuitive and safe cloud based CRM systems to date. The CRM system comprises of multiple modules all coupled together so that tailoring the solution to your business is a breez.

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Reetek reach out to organisations to educate them on Custom Software Development & Architecture

James Watt | June 15, 2014

Reetek are providing help to organisations in need of some much needed training on Software Development Methods and Architecture.

Hundreds of Successfully Completed Projects!

Custom Software Dev

Reetek is on the forefront of internet based software development. Our experts experience spans over 20 years.

Secure Solutions Services

We use encryption techniques to ensure that all data is secure and never compromised. You can trust Reetek.

Mobile/Tablet Responsive

We develop software that is mobile and tablet responsive, meaning that you can work from your pocket.

Cloud Based Solutions

We can engage a cloud based solution around your business. No longer will you have to buy IT infrastructure.

ISO 27001 Standards

We follow the ISO 27001 security standards. Security is our number 1 priority when dealing with client data and code.

Only Results Matter

With all of the noise on the market we tend to stand out because we understand the bottom line... ***RESULTS***.


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