On the hunt for an expert .NET development team or .NET developers? Look no further as some of our developers have 15+ years of .NET development experience. Contact us and see for yourself.

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.NET Software Development / Developers

At Reetek we have found that the best way to achieve optimal results in regards to .NET software projects is to use the same group of developers, designers and architects from start to finish. A lot of software development organisations tend to move the project from one team to another, or, from one developer to another. At Reetek we dedicate resources for your project from start to finish, unless of course it is on the basis of AdHoc development work.

Team Work

Reetek's .Net Developers are second to none and work great with other teams. Hire a Reetek Developer.


Reetek's .NET Developers have worked for many large scale Australian organisations, bringing A+ Quality coding experience.


Our approach is absolute professionalism and Integrity when it comes to delivering our services and Reetek always deliver.

Microsoft Technology

Reetek use Microsoft Technology platforms to help create software technology, which is then coupled into your business.

Our Team

Our .NET software development teams are highly skilled and know the ins and outs of Microsoft technology. The way we structure our teams are a mixture of front-end-developers, back-end-developers and our software architects who work on small, medium and large scale projects. We have developed applications for all types of industries and are always learning new things and trying to improve the development process for our customers.

Your Project

Your project will receive the tender love and care that would go into any one of our products that we offer to the market. We do look to make a profit but our main concern is to develop the best possible outcomes for our clients because your success is our success. It does not make business sense for us to only provide what was expected but rather we want to go above and beyond. It is not unusual for our teams to add extra features for clients that improve usability in their custom software application.

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is simple, we want to give businesses a competitive advantage by providing software that gives your business a new and unique way of operating. Having performed this service for many organisations, we have seen businesses who invest in software achieve tremendous success. It is no secret that the best brands in Australia invest heavily in the right software organisations.

Some companies we are doing it for

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.NET technologies & Tools We Work With

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Discover why so many organisations are choosing Reetek. Our principles are Professionalism, Team Work, Experience and Knowledge. Some of our developers have over 20+ years of experience and no job is too big or small.

.NET Development is our forte, we only use the latest and greatest in Microsoft .NET frameworks. We couple .NET, AngularJS and C# code to create modern business solutions.

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