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Establish an independent program management officer that is independent of business & IT delivery teams.

Method & Exit Criteria

Clearly define methodology & exit criteria in great detail at the beginning before embarking on the program.

Time Buffer

Include a time buffer that will cater to any contingencies for the project, especially in large programs.

Involve End Users

Its common practice to involve the end users during the requirements and information gathering phase to ensure accuracy.

Bottleneck Resources

It is incredibly important to identify bottleneck resources early on in the program to ensure stability.

Critical Path

Focusing on the critical path is essential as one delay can have a cascading effect on the project.

Risk Tolerance

Risk varies from organisation to organisation, based on many factors and variables. We identify these variables.

Potential Risks

We identify risk potential proactively and implement foolproof methods to stop disasters from occurring.


The adoption of AGILE is essential, especially with large organisation projects running 12-18 months.

Long Term Objectives

Keeping long term objectives in sight is absolutely essential as elapsed time of the program will increase project cost.

Insight & Analytics

Implementing milestone insights and analytics throughout the program to ensure successful completion and roll out.

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