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Reetek provide some highly scalable custom hosting and integration services across different types of platforms. We specialise in not only application development, but the infrastructure to go with it. Fast growing applications need the hosting and infrastructure solution in order to give your customers or users the right experience. Contact us to find out more.


From highly scalable infrastructure solutions to something less for the SME’s. We provide professional services encapsulating robust infrastructure solutions for your business applications. We have the knowhow that will assist your applications offerings to your users/customers. We provide solutions across many technologies and work with all types of databases and applications.


Integration is a very important aspect of creating or moving into a new hosting environment. Data that is used in existing applications needs to be moving into a new environment which Reetek do with a proven and tested method which will minimise the risk of losing data, or compromising data integrity.

Moving to the Cloud

Trends suggest that organisations should be moving to the cloud at a more rapid rate with the growth of cloud service offerings. Custom solutions on the cloud is a great way to provide great scalability to your infrastructure without purchasing expensive hardware and taking the time to install it. The great thing about cloud infrastructure is that it can scale up or down rapidly, and you only pay for what you use (Pay-As-You-Go).

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