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Custom Software Development

We are committed to empowering our customers by giving them the tools and knowledge for successful software outcomes.

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Custom Software Development

Custom software development is a very fine and calculated process that requires planning, design, development and delivery. At Reetek we have mastered the art of building robust, value driven software solutions for your business by eliminating ambiguity through clear and concise communication and planning. In this technological age organisations face unique challenges where technology is evolving at such a rate that it makes it hard for organisations to make the right technological decisions. This is where Reetek come in.

With decades of experience in custom software development and delivering enterprise level projects we can say that we have successfully overcome many complex challenges for our customers and continue to provide long lasting software solutions to new engagements. With our knowledge and experience, we help our customers make informative decisions for long term technological success.

We provide

Custom Software Development

With over 15 years of experience in strategic planning and software development, we bring highly scalable and robust end-to-end solutions for your business.

UX/UI Design

With the ever changing domain of user experience and user interface, we align ourselves with the latest technology and concepts to provide our customers with unforgettable user experiences, great design and the latest front end frameworks.


Integration just like custom software development is a planned and calculated process. We look at the best possible solution for integrating software with current business applications with a strong focus on automation.

QA & Testing

Every solution we build goes through a testing matrix as part of our test driven development processes. Our quality assurance analysts conduct quality assurance testing in every development sprint.


Protecting your systems is something we are very passionate about. With a team of penetration specialists working on each and every system, we ensure that your systems remain uncompromised.

Continuous Improvement & Maintenance

Once we launch your application we always look at new ways of bringing improvement. We conduct continuous monthly analysis coupled with long term maintenance.

Customer Success

Our services go beyond just implementation and integration of custom software solutions. Our responsibility to you, our customer, is to maximise the return on investment after the roll out of every solution. We conduct customer success measurements and strategically align ourselves with our customers to ensure that the product we produce is in sync with customer expectations, deliverables and beyond. Check out our customer stories.

Tell Us About Your Project

We will provide a free, no obligation consultation and proposal.

We respect your privacy. We will only contact you regarding this enquiry. Please have a read of our privacy statement. .

Some of our project services and methodologies.

We use technology to empower your business and the services you provide to your customers.

Project Management

We provide an extensive range of project management services to help you successfully execute on projects.

  • AGILE project management.
  • SDLC waterfall methodology.
  • PRINCE2.
  • Assemble team for project execution.
  • Relay project metrics and business requirements to the team.
  • Stimulate teams to be proactive and not reactive.
  • Assessment of test cases, test reports, defect reports and updated matrices
  • Documentation (RUD – Requirements Understanding Documentation, HLD - High Level Design Documentation, LLD – Low Level Design Documentation, User Manuals).
  • Project Budgeting – perform financial control over all projects.
  • Negotiate with stakeholders and control customer expectations.
  • Organise development schedules, meetings and expectations for the development team alongside the SCRUM master and the client.

Infrastructure Services

With over 20 years of infrastructure services experience we have become the technology partner of choice for local and nationwide Aussie businesses.

  • AWS Cloud based infrastructure solutions.
  • MS Azure cloud based infrastructure solutions.
  • Infrastructure as a Service - IaaS
  • Platform as a Service - PaaS
  • Software as a Service - SaaS
  • Building enterprise architecture roadmaps.
  • Design, manage and integrate complex infrastructure solutions.
  • Client-server networking and database management.
  • Provide technical system solutions, determine overall design direction and provide hardware recommendations for complex technical issues.
  • Planning and developing support processes with adherence to best practices.

Risk Management

Adding risk management processes to our wide range of professional services is just as important as performing the services themselves.

  • Creation of risk check lists.
  • Creating a strategy aimed at reducing the probability of the risk event occurring or at avoiding risks.

Monitoring Risks

  • Publishing project status reports on a weekly/monthly basis and include all risk management issues.
  • Revise risk plans. Major changes in the project schedule or scope triggers the revision and adaptation of the risk plan.
  • Reviewing the risks and performing reprioritisation. In short, eliminating the risks with lowest probability and placing a focus and action plan for high risk scenarios.
  • Brainstorm on potentially new risks arising. This can occur after there have been changes made to the schedule or scope.

Why a custom software solution is better than off-the-shelf.

Off-the-shelf software can appear to be a more affordable option at first glance but is generally developed as a one-size-fits solution. Functionality can become a problem down the track once you start scaling and the current solution is no longer in line with business objectives, or, does not have the robustness a custom software solution does. Additionally, issues can arise once there is a need for new features and functionality to be developed and could end up costing you more than a custom software solution.

With our highly dedicated teams we can provide the right custom software solution for your business with a focus on automation. Don’t waste time trying to make technology work, let us do it for you.

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