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The Thinking

The challenges we faced as software developers were to figure out a way to streamline business operations by integrating web based software (Web API) to improve efficiency and minimise operational cost. The new business model needed a strong back end with complex functionality to increase productivity. We utilised some of the most modern software concepts and practices to achieve the right outputs while maintaining a systematic approach to alleviate human error.

  • Analysis of the current state
  • Gathering of requirements and user scenarios
  • A portal mock-up and working “proof of concept”
  • Review and recommendation of options for a technology solution and hosting options
  • The design of an ongoing operational model
  • A cost and benefit model for the business case

"We engaged Reetek to develop a sophisticated, proprietary software for my company a few months ago. The project is still ongoing but thus far I have found the project manager (Darko Meskoski) and lead engineer (Harry Ho) to be knowledgeable, adaptable and adept at finding creative solutions for bringing my team’s vision to fruition."

"At project set out, Darko’s team sought to understand the full breadth and complexity of the project so as to establish a realistic timetable and manage expectations. Then and since, they have continually asked detailed, insightful questions and routinely offered more efficient alternatives to my ideas or added helpful features that I hadn’t even thought to ask for."

"Thus far, Reetek has met or exceeded my team’s expectations at every point and exhibited consummate professionalism. I look forward to finishing my current project with them and will certainly do business with them again. I would highly recommend their services."

Gregory Suther, Engineering Support Officer/Project Lead - USG BORAL Pty Ltd

Technology Stack

Microsoft technologies

  • .NET 4.5
  • MVC 5 Web API 2.2
  • OAuth2 (security)
  • Angular JS 1.5
  • Bootstrap 3.3
  • HTML5 CSS3
  • iText 5.5

Customer Benefits

  • Cutting time spent by resources on business operations
  • Business automation
  • Money saved by spending less time to achieve results
  • Controlled systematic guidance for employees
  • Ability to scale software with growth
  • Internet security and safety measures
  • Mitigate duplication of data and business processes

Our Purpose

Our purpose for USG Boral is to dramatically increase the efficiency in which USG Boral operate, to help make sales faster than ever before.

54 Hours

Average Time Saved

Per person


Average Operational Saving

Per person


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